Katrina Rausa Chan

Katrina Rausa Chan serves as Director of QBO, a Philippine innovation hub and startup platform which she co-founded in 2016. QBO is the first of its kind public-private partnership initiative in the country specifically geared to provide resources, connections and support to accelerate the growth of Philippine tech startup companies, and was formed through a collaboration among the Department of Science and Technology, Department of Trade and Industry, IdeaSpace and J.P. Morgan, At QBO, Kat advises startups and leads overall program and business development activities collaborating closely with startup ecosystem partners.

Kat previously served as Head of Growth and Strategy at IdeaSpace, the Philippines’ largest private startup accelerator, and draws on prior experience working with senior management in corporate development, capital markets and process engineering positions.

Kat completed her undergraduate degree at Carnegie Mellon University, obtaining a B.Sc in Materials Science and Engineering, with a double major in Business Administration. Kat is a Filipina millennial that advocates for spurring innovation and technopreneurship as an engine for driving economic growth and global competitiveness in emerging economies.